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Offset technology offers high quality printing on paper, cardboard and plywood, a combination of cardboard and corrugated board. The result is superior printing, applicable to boxes for the food, clothing, footwear and wine sectors.



The world of cardboards is varied and includes all kinds of solutions: mix cards, 100% virgin fiber cards, recycled, chemical pulp, etc. They are used to produce cardboard or bibs for garments, such as shirts.


The flexographic technique is a type of printing done directly on the corrugated board with water-based inks. It is a more accessible alternative to offset technology, without giving up quality.


They are the type of box mostly used in exports, printed in flexography and made using corrugated board. They are used in moving boxes, e-commerce, logistical transport and in the export of textiles or footwear.


    The choice of paper type is decisive and the options are immense: recycled, mix, virgin fiber, etc. If you are looking for a truly differentiating solution, give it some shine or texture.


    What is the weight of your company in the market? The weight of the paper influences how it communicates your brand. We have a weight of 200g, 210g, 220g, 275g, 280g, 300g, 325g to 400g.


    Essentially, we have two types of printing: offset, high quality printing on paper and cardboard, and flexo, made directly on the corrugated board with water-based inks.

A box for every need.

There are many boxes, but as specialists we know which one is best for your company.

Recycled paper

Mainly used in the textile industry to produce bibs for garments.

MIX Paper

For superior results, mix paper is a good option. Mainly used in counter-packaging, the mix paper is applied to the food, wine and footwear industry.

Chemical pulp paper

Chemical pulp paper has the same purposes as mix paper, but with a tinted finish, that is, without gloss, which gives it an unmistakable appearance and quality.

100% virgin fiber paper

Essentially for plywood and cardboard boxes, but also for food industry bases.

Brown recycled paper

Like mix and chemical pulp paper, recycled brown paper is applied in plywood. As it has more raw finishes of ecological card it is recommended for projects with ecological and sustainable intentions.

Corrugated Cardboard

Corrugated board covers almost the entire packaging world. It is mainly used in the production of boxes for textiles, footwear, e-commerce and the food, metallurgical and wine industry.

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