Why think outside the box if we know exactly what to do?

We refuse to think outside the box. We prefer to take it, look at it from all angles, alter it and deconstruct it, if necessary. We are specialists in carton and packaging solutions and we are aware that there is a lot of potential for communication and protection inside a box.

How do we produce our boxes?

Because the boxes are not all the same, the development of a new project is done in a thorough way. We do the needs assessment to understand what is the best solution for your company and product.

The first question is:


  • Product packaging

  • Protection of its properties and characteristics

  • Secure product shipment

  • Make a strong and positive first impression

  • Marketing and positioning of a brand or product


This is followed by the development of your new packaging solution, a rigorous process with several steps and in which we are specialists: needs assessment, idea incubation, technical construction, production and delivery.

1. Needs assessment

At this stage, we want to get to know your company to the fullest. Only then can we ensure that the box we design is ideal for your company and meets your needs.

2. Design and development

We started by working on small ideas that give rise to elaborate concepts. There, more than just packaging emerges - an innovative solution and added value for the product and the customer are born.

3. Sketches

It is time to make sketches. Unlike other companies, we don't take ideas from paper. We put them there! We put the defined concept into practice, proceed to technical construction and test samples until we reach the perfect result.

4. Production

It's time to execute the idea and give shape, color and creativity to your packaging. Thanks to the qualified team and state-of-the-art technology, we guarantee excellent production, even on a large scale.

5. Qualitative analysis

Here, control, rigor and verification come in. It is a quality control that we demand of ourselves so that the initial idea is executed perfectly and the product fulfills the function it was intended for, in an impeccable design and construction.

6. Logistics and distribution

For maximum satisfaction of our customers, we manage the logistics and distribution of the order, from the warehouse to delivery to the customer.

We have offset technology

This is one of our differentiating factors. We have a 4-color offset printing machine that guarantees exceptional results on paper, cardboard and plywood. The offset technology is mainly used in medium and large quantity productions, using the latest technology trends to uniformly print projects with high technical demands.

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