JPZ Cartonagem

It all started in 1998 at the hands of brothers José Maria Carvalho and Fernando Carvalho, in Vila de Ponte, Guimarães. In that year, they decided to take the knowledge, know-how and experience acquired to create a company from scratch, which would come to be differentiated by the entrepreneurial spirit, by innovation, rigor and creativity. While José Maria was dedicated to the productive part, Fernando dealt with the financial side. And so JPZ Cartonagem was born.

Currently, we offer the most varied types of packaging, such as cardboards, MIX and recycled, recycled paper, corrugated and plywood, for example, and we work in the most diverse sectors: footwear, textiles, online sales, food, wine and metallurgical industry.

The investment in machinery with the latest technology guarantees a great productive capacity of superior quality and remarkable results, which makes us also required abroad. Exports began roughly 15 years ago to Spain, but quickly expanded to other destinations: France, Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom and Morocco.

The success and prolific growth of the company is essentially due to the knowledge and experience that the founders had in the area and that were passed on to the workers and subsequent generations. But not only. The work capacity, the effort and dedication that we put into each project mark the solutions presented and distinguish us from the competition.

Today, two decades later, JPZ Cartonagem has about 80 employees and facilities with almost 30,000 m2. As in the genesis of the company, the values ​​of professionalism, rigor, quality and creativity are the focus of the second generation of the Carvalho brothers, from whom they inherited the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit.


José Maria Carvalho and Fernando Carvalho found JPZ Cartonagem

Since the early days, the company's founders have been working with packaging and cartons. Today, they have more than 50 years of experience.


Exports to the Spanish market begin

The first exports were to the neighboring country, which remains an important ally. However, JPZ products are also present in France, Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom and Moroccos.


First increase in facilities.

Increase of the installations in 1000 m2 of covered area, increasing the total space area to approximately 5000 m2.


Voted Companies PME Leader and PME Excellence.

The recognition of the work came with the election of PME Leader and PME of Excellence by IAPMEI and by banking institutions.


Second increase in facilities

We built a new 3000 m2 nave, resulting in more than 8000 m2 of covered area and almost 30,000 m2 of total area. In the same year, a high investment in machinery was also made, which allowed to increase the productive capacity.


Parish Distinguished Services Medal

In June 2020, we were awarded by the Vila de Ponte Parish Council with the Distinguished Services of the Parish Medal, in Grau de Ouro, in recognition of the work done in the local community, in the creation of jobs and economic growth in the region.

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